Vaporjet is a leading, global, manufacturer of nonwoven, hydroentangled, Spunlace

Vaporjet is a privately-owned company established in 1995. We are a family of +200 employees operating in two state-of-the-art facilities, both located in the city of Ofakim (southern district of israel) an hour away from Israel’s leading port.

We started out small, dedicated to quality & service, and with time have grown to be a leading manufacturer in the non- woven hydroentangled Spunlace industry producing and supplying 38,000 tons of Spunlace roll. Our customer base includes a variety of companies from privet labels to major brand names operating in a variety of fields: baby, household, personal care, feminine hygiene, medical, diapers, automotive, agriculture and more.

Our unwavering commitment, uncompromising quality and reliable, on-time, supply have been the base for the long-term relationships we have established with some of the industry’s leading converters.

Equipped with state-of-the-art machinery and extensive experience & know-how, Vaporjet offers every customer, a Spunlace solution uniquely selected to match their specific needs.

Our goal: The supply high quality Spunlace, suitable & efficient for the desired application


Vaporjet established its 1st production line and facility in Ofakim.


Vaporjet offices are relocated to a secondary production
site and the 2nd production line commences operation.


3rd production line commences operation.


1st line upgraded to meet a variety of applications.


Integration of natural gas
instead of LPG.


4th production line commenced operation; The line is mainly designed to better serve the low gsm Spunlace segment: 20-60 gsm.


Acquisition of Novita S.A in Poland, operating: 2 cross lap Spunlace lines and 2 Needle Punch lines.


Integration of a cogeneration facility to produce electricity and thermal heat energy simultaneously.


5th parallel Spunlace line commenced operation at our Novita site.


All production lines adjusted to produce maximum yield to meet COVID19 rising demand, with additional sanitary & safety measures in place to protect the employees and quality of the spunlace rolls.


Company focus is assigned to reducing our carbon footprint with several long-term projects commencing.