Vaporjet strives to create strategic partnerships with our customers on the one hand and suppliers on the other hand.

By working together: new ideas are generated, executed, tested and when successful launched to the market.

Hydroentangled spunlace is a non-woven fabric, offering a wide range of products and solutions in: Hygiene, Personal Care, House-hold, Medical and Industrial applications.

Hydroentangled spunlace is produced by applying thousands of waterjets, closely positioned, onto a web of loose fibers. The power of the water (jet) on the one hand and the system of cylinders on the other, allow us to spin and entangle the fibers into a cohesive web.

Vaporjet offers an array of patterns applied through the implementation of different cylinder/conveyor-based patterns:

  • Plain finish spunlace
  • Aperture spunlace with different mesh options available,
  • Embossed patterns such as: Small Dots, Big Dots, Wave Pattern,
  • Children 3D patterns such as: Bears & Harts, Boats & Plains,
  • Personalized embossed patterns are offered for long term projects.

The fiber selection may vary according to the required application and may include 100% of a single fiber source or a mix thereof: Biodegradable Viscose & Bamboo, cotton, cellulose, polyester and polypropylene.

Colored spunlace is produced by applying previously dyed fibers available in an array of colors such as: Black, Yellow, Green, Blue, Pink and more. The color spunlace can be produced as a single layer, a double layer as well as a two-colored wipe.

Through the application of our in-line spraying system, we are able to embed liquids into the spunlace such as: detergents and other chemicals allowing us to repropose the wipes, as well as allow for a water-contact reaction.

Given the multiple Card-based production process, we offer unique double-sided Spunlace for functionality and differentiation, developed mainly for the home care industry.

Vaporjet spunlace may be converted into wet-wipes as well as dry wipes and rolls.