Vaporjet produces Hydroentangled Spunlace with 4 high-speed, double-carded, lines at two state-of-the-art production facilities

Our teams of highly skilled engineers and operators, supported by our quality assurance technologists, have the ability to mass produce a variety of Spunlace solutions. From our standard Spunlace rolls to unique value-added products, we customize our offering to meet our customers’ needs:

Patterns:Plain, Children design 3D Hydro-Embossed, Big-Dots Embossed, Small-Dots Embossed, Aperture (small holes and big holes).
Weight Range:25 – 90 Grams per Square Meter (gsm)
Fiber Blends:Viscose, Tencel, Veocell, Lyocel, Micro-fibers, Cotton, Polyester, Polypropylene and specialty fibers such as Antibacterial, Bamboo and others.Polypropylene and specialty fibers such as Antibacterial, Bamboo and others
Special Features:Special additives introduced during the production process, for instance: an additive that enables transforming 100% polyester spunlace to a hydrophilic spunlace. Another example is our special Double Sided Spunlace allowing each side of the fabric/wipe to have completely different fiber blend and attributes.
Colors:White, Yellow, Black, Blue, Green, Pink and customized